Monday, October 24, 2016

Happy Monday!

Our field trip to Post Family Farms on Friday was a blast! Be sure to check out our class Facebook page for the fun pictures, “Alpine Brinks”. If you have trouble finding it, let me know and I’ll add you to the page. 

Picture Retakes are Wednesday!

Thursday is also PILLOW DAY! Mrs. Meulenberg finished sewing about 100 pillows and now they are ready to be stuffed. Look for pictures to be posted on our Facebook page. 

HALLOWEEN DETAILS: Alpine Halloween Parade will be held at 2:30 on Monday. The children are aware that clown costumes are not acceptable this year. I’m sure you are aware of the Creepy Clown Craze, which has spread to Alpine, too. 

“There were rumors and speculations going on recently about the
“clowns.” I am very proud of our district administration, students,
parents, and teachers for creating a safe environment. I would like
to respectfully ask that all students, at least for this year, avoid
clown costumes for our Halloween parade. As in past years,
please refrain from costumes that are violent or gory and
remember to leave other accessories at home (swords, staffs, etc.).
I would like our focus to be on our students and the fun of the
holiday.” Mr. Snyder

As always, contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

We are having another great week of learning in Room 24! Living and Non-living things have been the topic of our science conversations and the subject always finds its way into our other subjects as well. It’s been a blast to have conversations with the children and play off from their excitement! Second graders are curious little learners, always asking questions and sharing their learning.

As part of our unit of study, we’ll be going to Post Family Farms on Friday. If you haven’t done so already, please send in $5.50. We’ll be leaving school about 10:30 and returning around 1:30. The weather looks great!

Thursday is our Kenowa Learning Knights at Alpine. This is a time set aside to celebrate learning with families. Bring your child back to school in the evening between 6:00-7:30pm. I’ll be hosting a session on reading at home.

As part of this learning night, Meijer will provide family meals (in a bag for later use). We are inviting all students to wear hats tomorrow (Thursday) for a $1.00 donation.  This will help offset the cost of the Meijer Meals.

I look forward to seeing everyone at conferences. They are coming up soon (Halloween week!). Go online to schedule your conference. If you have other children, schedule the conference sooner than later to ensure you can get back to back conference slots. If you are unable to make the conference time due to scheduling or transportation, let me know. 

Thank you!

Monday, October 10, 2016

As I write this note on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, I can’t help but think about my students and their families. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to help your child grow and learn.

I’m happy to report that our MAP/NWEA testing is complete. I’ll have reports ready to share at conferences in November. This was initial testing, providing me with important information as to what your child knows and what is yet to be learned.

Monday will be our first day of Neighborhoods, for both reading and math. Students are placed in Neighborhoods according to skill and where we think they will learn best. Although they may a different teacher for reading and/or math neighborhoods, I will still be responsible for materials taught. Neighborhoods are a great way of providing additional support to those students who might need it while, at the same time, providing extensions to those children who already understand the material.

I have been rethinking my homework policy and decided to make a change. I’ve found there are many students who really need some extra practice on skills learned at school.  Every student has a ‘homework folder’, which was given to them at the start of the year. Although most students return those folders to school, there are some who do not. Keep these folders in your child’s backpack so I can put important papers in the folders and you will know where to look for school information. 

Beginning on Monday (today!), look for 2 math homework sheets sent home and they will be due on Friday. In addition, I am inviting all students to participate in the Pizza Hut Book It Reading Program Another note explaining the program was sent home. Return the reading calendar at the end of the month and your child will receive a certificate for a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut.

Don’t forget that Wednesday is a 1/2 day for students!

On a final note, Friday is POPCORN DAY. Students may purchase a bag of popcorn for $.50.