Monday, December 7, 2015

Hello families! It’s hard to imagine that we’re so close to a winter break when the weather has been beautiful and there’s still no snow. It’s crazy! The weather is certainly in our favor, as the children have been able to go outside everyday and there’s been no snow accumulation, which always causes much excitement.

Don’t forget tomorrow night is our annual concert. I’ll be at the high school to greet the students at 5:40pm. We’ll meet together in one of the classrooms. I’m sure it will be marked but I’ll send the room number tomorrow when I have the information in front of me.

The concert (k-2) goes from 6:00-7:00pm. I’ll take the children back to the same classroom where you dropped them off. Please do not take your child before they are back in the room, as it causes much confusion and I don’t always remember who was picked up.  I’ll be leaving after the concert so there will be no one to sit with your child for the following concert. Please pick them up promptly.

In place of a Santa Secret Shop the students have been busy making a very special gift for you. I’m still collecting $2.00 from each family to help cover the cost.

We’re also going on a field trip next week. We’ll be going to Fredrick Meijer Gardens to learn more about holiday celebrations around the world. Please send in $3.00 to cover the cost of the trip. I’m also in need of adult chaperones. Let me know if you can assist with this. Since background checks are mandated, I will need to know by Friday if you need to have a background check.

All students will soon need a pair of earphones or earbuds at school. This might make a great last minute gift or stocking stuffer. I’ll have extra earbuds at school, but it isn’t always a good idea since the children end up sharing earbuds. It’s always better if they have their own.

Finally, we’ll be celebrating the holidays with our annual gingerbread house activity. I will need many, many adults to help with this. If you are available on Friday afternoon (December 18), let me know. We’re also going to need graham crackers, vanilla frosting and assorted candies. You may send this in at any time.

Wow! I believe that’s all for now. As mentioned above, I’ll send the room number (meeting area) for the concert tomorrow. Check your e-mails!