Monday, September 19, 2016

Happy Monday! The children in Room 24 have been quite busy making new friends, learning procedures and reviewing some first grade concepts. I’ve been busy benchmarking my students, which means reading with each student to check for fluency (how they sound) and comprehension(what they understand). All of the children have been assessed on spelling and spelling patterns so I know exactly what each child already knows and what they need to yet learn. It’s been fun for me to get to know your child personally!

This week is the beginning of MAP/NWEA Testing for all students. My students will be testing on Wednesday and Friday morning this week. This is a test to get a grasp of what your child already knows.

Tomorrow is PICTURE DAY! I made an appointment for my students to have all photos completed in the morning before they go outside to play.

FUNDRAISING ORDERS should be turned in tomorrow, if you haven’t done so already.

Finally, our big PILLOW PROJECT is coming up. Earlier I sent a note asking each child to bring in fabric and stuffing by this Friday. I do have a lot of extra fabric so if you are unable to purchase fabric, your child will still make a pillow. Please continue to send in pillow stuffing!

Volunteer Opportunity:  If you are able to cut some fabric squares from home, let me know. I’m fortunate to have someone donate extra material. 

HOMEWORK~ At this time, I will not be sending weekly homework. The children will have plenty of opportunities to practice concepts during the school day. I also provide a reading time for the students to work on reading. **I will notify you if your child must complete unfurnished work at home or if they need extra practice.

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